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Authority: Washington County Democratic Central Committee, Bonnie Wood, Treasurer

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Committee Members

Kimberly Duff, Chair

Bonnie Wood, Treasurer

Mary Ann Keyser

Alan Levin

Peter Perini

3 seats are currently open

The Central Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Washington County, reporting up to the Maryland Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee. It currently consists of eight members, four men and four women, who are elected every four years during the state primary elections. The committee is responsible for recruiting and supporting candidates for local office as well as supporting state and national candidates. 

Here is the platform that the committee's officers and members will be working to uphold:

  • Work closely with our natural allies, including Labor, the NAACP, religious groups and environmental activists, as well as womens’, minority and immigrant rights supporters.

  • Work to motivate young potential voters to register, to become actively involved, and to trust that their perspectives will matter to the Washington County Democratic Party.

  • Work to identify, develop and support prospective Democratic candidates for office, especially at our local level, and provide financial, logistical and publicity support as much as possible for all our Democratic candidates.

  • Make a special effort reach the 18,000 unaffiliated voters in Washington County, not only at election time but also to encourage them to join us as we work to increase employment, safeguard our water and environment, and provide good public services including health care and education.

  • Support efforts to reduce the influence of corporate and lobbyist money.

  • Increase the transparency of Local and State Central Committees, including adequate advance public notice of meetings, as well as timely posting of meeting minutes, bylaws, rules and procedures.

  • Create a clear and open process for replacing departing WCDCC members, including public notice of a vacancy followed by a public meeting where all applicants are permitted to state what they would do as a member of the WCDCC and why they are best choice to do so.

  • Advocate in favor of proposals to reduce or even eliminate the role of “superdelegates” in the presidential primaries.

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