About Us

Washington County Democrats

What We Stand For

The Democratic Party is:

    The party of the people
  • We have an abiding faith in the judgment of hardworking American families.
  • We believe each of us has value to the community.
  • We remember that our country was sculpted by immigrants and slaves, their children and grandchildren. It is our diversity above all else that provides us with our enduring strength.
  • We believe government’s role is to maintain safety and security at home while seeking peace and cooperation abroad.
  • We regard elected officials as stewards of the people entrusted with providing for the common good through economic fairness, equality of opportunity, inclusiveness, and social justice.
    The party of equality
  • We trust in the Constitution with its principles of full equality and the protection of individual rights.
  • We believe that every American has the right to affordable healthcare, quality public education, and equal opportunity in the work place.
  • We value fair and equal justice for all, regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, economic status, sexual identity, or religion.
    The party of fiscal responsibility
  • We are committed to strengthening our economy by spurring job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in clean-energy technologies, and restoring fairness and opportunity.
  • We recognize that our country and our economy are strongest when they provide opportunity for all Americans.
  • We champion all working Americans with support for fair wages and fair trade agreements that protect American jobs.
About the Committee

Central Committee members are strong, vocal advocates for the Democratic Party. While the Central Committee does not take a position on candidates in a contested primary election, we do promote the Party. Central Committee members support the Democratic candidate in a partisan race.

Washington County Democratic Central Committee

Claudia Martin - Chairman
Peter E. Perini, Sr. - Vice-Chairman
Alan Levin - Treasurer
Mary Ann Keyser, Secretary
Larry N. Barron
Kim Hamburg
John Krowka
Jereme Leazier
Ginger Noble
Edye Rickard

Central Committee members have the official responsibility to fill vacancies of certain offices due to the death or resignation of an elected official, and fill vacancies when no Democratic candidate has filed for nomination. The Central Committee also makes recommendations to the Governor for appointments of members and substitute members to the local County Board of Elections as well as recommendations to other state and county boards.

The Washington County Democratic Central Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm.
The meeting location is 511 East Franklin Street, Hagerstown, Maryland.